I toured the Vatican museum collection when my son was little. It was the most breathtaking exhibit I have ever seen.

One of the paintings there was a small oil of Christ. It was set in a recessed display behind at least six inches of what could only be bullet proof glass.

The painting was said to have been done about 300 years after Christ ascended and it appeared to look like the description of him in the Bible.

The artist painted him with a beautiful dark complexion and his hair was a medium brown. Some oils fade over time depending on their composition. The artist painted a light shining on Christ in the way that hair catches sunlight. It’s was so beautiful.

God is light and his light shone on his son. The most beautiful thing I’ve even known to be.

I just wanted to tell you that. Our lives are but a blink of an eye and eternity is forever.

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I write about skip tracing, asset location and judgement enforcement. Grab a cold beverage and let's learn skip tracing.

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