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I write about skip tracing, asset location and judgement enforcement. Grab a cold beverage and let's do this.
image by Valerie McGilvrey for SkipVue

Discovering the mechanics behind the elusive way Medium measures how much and how long your readers stay on your article was a complete and total accident.

For those of us who’re midnight readers, the dark theme and options to make your screen dark are important for ease of reading. Kindle got me hooked on their black pages with white text, and it’s the perfect formula to limit the amount of irritating light directed at my eyes so I could actually fall asleep reading on an electronic device.

Not only do I use a dark browser theme for Chrome, but I…

How to Skip Trace by Valerie McGilvrey

Have you mastered professional databases? I have, I found this video that I filmed for an Ask Me Anything on January 15, 2020. One full year later I see not much has changed with the methods that I spoke about, with the exception of government programs that fined citizens or the way a city, county, or state government site works, it’s pretty much the same.

Database best analytical practices, skip trace search protocol, harnessing the power of a minimal search to find the real needle in the haystack. Driver’s license records, consumer fraud, and so much more are hashed out…

Valerie McGilvrey Talks Interstate Recorded Telephone Conference Court Hearings

Occasionally I read an argument that is presented with such great magnitude that I stop and question everything that I know to be true. Today, recording telephone conversations is that very thing that posed a question. Not just your everyday run-of-the-mill phone call recording mind you, an interstate recording of a conference call of a court hearing where I was the defendant, sworn in under oath, and was dismissed before my attorney even had a chance to present my defense.

I’m a native Texan and I know that I am legally allowed to record all my calls while my butt…

Valerie McGilvrey Talks About SHAKEN/STIR STIR/SHAKEN

SHAKEN/STIR Shakes Up Robodialers

Why this is GOOD NEWS for skip tracing.

December 30, 2019, was the day that Congress finally stood up for the American people and enacted the TRACED Act (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence Act). SHAKEN/STIR is another set of acronyms that stands for Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs/Secure Telephone Identity Revisited, and is the tech behind making this beautiful thing work. SHAKEN/STIR is directed at the misuse of robo-dialers to commit fraud against unsuspecting phone owners.

The act gives the deadline of June 30, 2021, for telcos to be in full compliance…

Skip Trace Tutorial for Beginners

Just starting out with skip tracing? I got you covered!

I receive hundreds of questions from readers every month about their difficult skip traces. They’re looking for the next steps on the path to getting a location secured. In this short video, I review the very best five ways to skip trace like a boss. All free, you’ll spend a little time and become very creative with conversation when you follow this routine. I promise you’ll be successful.

Professional databases aren’t always useful for the professional skip who skips out often. …

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Sometime in early June 2020, I did a talk for private investigators, process servers, and law enforcement on pretexting to get information so that a case could move forward. The edited three parts of my talk are below.

There are a lot of things that I didn’t say in this talk because licensed professionals already know their limitations regardless of regional differences in the law that governs them. If you’re new to social engineering, please understand that the FTC and the FCC are involved in investigating activities and methods that are used to perpetrate fraud.

I believe that knowing about…

Valerie McGilvrey Talks Voting Machine Memories

In 2018, I attended the Defcon conference in Las Vegas. When my friends and I walked down a hallway in Caesars Palace, there were meeting rooms on each side that held a village of one type or another (classroom that focuses on one subject), one of the fellows pointed out Voting Village.

It may have been the first time Defcon had a Voting Village. I could be wrong about that, but electronic voting machines were still very new in the world of elections. …

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November 10, 2020

Facebook has evolved yet again into a restrictive tank taking the privacy of its users as a priority after a series of congressional hearings that targeted the misuse of data belonging to users. Only one, maybe two details that I wrote about in this article are still relevant. We can no longer search by a phone number. Instead, we must use information from a reference sheet or associates provided on a professional database search. …

Valerie McGilvrey

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